Lake Forest North Region EMS System Entry Requirements


NMnrEMSS will only accept completed applications submitted from department

Medical Officers/Managers


System Entry testing is required for any provider entering Lake Forest North Region EMS System. This must be completed and approved by the System Entry Coordinator; providers are not authorized to provide patient care prior to this approval.


Steps for entering the System:

1. Request Letter of Good Standing from previous System

2. Medical Officer submits System Entry Request Form linked below


  - department issued email address

  - copy of diver's license

  - copy of IDPH EMS license

  - copy of BLS CPR card

4. System Entry Coordinator activates the applicant's online education account through EMS1 Academy

5. Applicant completes System Entry assignment on EMS1

6. Medical Officer verifies applicant has completed assignment and emails System Entry Coordinator to notify of completion

7. System Entry Coordinator emails Medical Officer the System Entry Testing registration link

8. Medical Officer/applicant signs up for available testing slot

9. Applicant reports to Lake Forest Hospital 600 building for testing

10. System Entry Coordinator sends out an approval letter via email, stating the provider is now able to practice at their level in the field.


System Entry Coordinator

Andi Pumarejo


EMS Field Educator

System Entry Request Forms
  • Form Submitted by Medical Officer

    Click the link below to submit a NMnrEMSS System Entry Request Form. This form may only be filled out by the department designated Medical Officer. All questions regarding System Entry should be sent to Andi Pumarejo


    Click to download